We, Lucas en Christa, are missionaries of the worldwide movement YWAM – youth with a mission. Lucas is Brazilian, he started working with YWAM in 2013 in the slum community Borel – Rio de Janeiro. Christa is Dutch, she came to Brazil in 2016 to work with YWAM with children in risk circumstances. We understand that God brought us together and blessed us to be a blessing towards others.

After some time working in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, we will now work with river people and indian tribes in the Amazone. During the year of 2018, we will work and study in the YWAM base in Porto Velho – Brazil. This base is recommended for working in this area.

Our focus will be to prepare ourselves to work with Biblical education and healthcare. Our idea is to bring the gospel in her complete form, how Jesus taught us.

Both of us are send out from our home church. 
Lucas is sent out from his home church Igreja Batista Memorial na Posse, Nova Iguaçu – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.
Christa is sent out from her home church de Pijler, Lelystad – the Netherlands.

Through this site we invite you to be part of our missionary work.

With love,
Lucas & Christa